BioRegenx is a company focused on regenerative health solutions and proactive healthcare that enables people to live better lives. As a holding company, BioRegenx will capture market share by acquiring companies, products, and services on the leading edge of regenerative health and anti-aging.

NuLife Sciences

NuLife is a research development, marketing, and distribution company whose mission is to harness advanced technologies to redefine health and longevity.

Microvascular Health Solutions

MVHS is a research & development, sales, and marketing company that has developed the patented and clinically tested Endocalyx Pro™ dietary supplement.


MyBodyRx™ is a manufacturing, sales and product development company that produces dietary supplements that complement and work synergistically with the patented and clinically tested Endocalyx Pro™ product to support and improve healthy aging and increase longevity.

Products & Services

The products and services offered by BioRegnx subsidiaries align with the BioRegenx belief that we can live better and healthier lives through proactive healthcare and regenerative health solutions. These products include dietary supplements, medical devices, DNA health testing, PEMF therapy, and hydrogen water.


Microvascular Health Solutions Products
GlycoCheck System
Endocalyx Pro
MyBodyRx Dietary Supplements
Endocalyx Pro
Olive Leaf
SuperAmino 24+
Minerals Advanced
NuLife Sciences Products
SEDONA Pro Complete Set
SEDONA Pro Plus+ Complete Set
Extra SEDONA Pro Pillow
Extra SEDONA Pro Mat
Stimawell EMS Back Mat
Sedona Face
TruEpigenetics DNA+Epigenetics Kit
TruEpigenetics DNA Kit
Echo H2 Pitcher
Echo H2 Ultimate
Echo H2 Server
Echo H2 Machine