BioRegenx, Inc. leads the way in the science of the endothelial glycocalyx with patented imaging technology, the GlycoCheck™ system and the patented formula for regeneration of the glycocalyx and microvascular system. BioRegenx maintains exclusive rights to this comprehensive line of glycocalyx health diagnostic tools and regenerative formula that has the backing of over 100 peer reviewed scientific studies. This combined with an effective direct-to-institution, direct-to-practitioner, consumer sales model, and other emerging sales models has BioRegenx poised to capture a significant portion of the global health and wellness market with technology and patents exclusive to BioRegenx.

BioRegenx possesses vision, insight, and experience coupled with patented technology and products. These assets will allow BioRegenx to embrace the future of glycocalyx and microvascular health science and human well-being for a better present and future. The proven direct-to-practitioner and consumer model encourages participation in sales revenue and assures deep penetration into the health and wellness market.

The current asset portfolio includes first-to-market, clinically relevant, patented technology for monitoring the glycocalyx and microvascular system and a proprietary, patented formula that improves and protects the endothelial glycocalyx.

Who We Are

BioRegenx is positioning itself as a forerunner in the high-growth sector of glycocalyx and microvascular regenerative health solutions.

The ecosystem of intellectual property at BioRegenx includes the GlycoCheck™ System, which allows for the measurement and evaluation of the microvascular system and prolonged benefits of Endocalyx Pro™.  Endocalyx Pro™ is a patented and clinically tested dietary supplement that improves the function of the endothelial glycocalyx — an elemental part of the microvascular system.

Intellectual Property

This first-of-its-kind patented technology can monitor and measure the microvascular system. The clinically relevant data and analysis can be used as a tool by practitioners to guide patients to a better microvascular system health profiles using the patented Endocalyx Pro™.

The patented Endocaylyx Pro™ is a dietary supplement that is clinically shown to restore, regenerate, and protect the microvascular system — specifically the endothelial glycocalyx, a layer lining the membrane of vascular vessels.

BioRegenx, by way of its subsidiaries and strategic partners, has established a strong patent and trademark strategy to protect its intellectual property (IP) portfolio from infringement. Currently, BioRegenx holds 12 patents in the US and major international territories including Canada, Europe, China, Japan, and South Korea.

Market Strategy

Advanced medical technology devices are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the technology market space. Within this category, there is a growing demand for better and more affordable technology along with monitoring platforms for a wide array of health and metabolic health degradation conditions. The GlycoCheck™ System fits remarkably well within this market sector.


BioRegenx is a company focused on regenerative health solutions and proactive healthcare that enables people to live better lives. As a holding company, BioRegenx will capture market share by acquiring companies, products, and services on the leading edge of regenerative health and anti-aging.

Microvascular Health Solutions

MVHS is a research & development, sales, and marketing company that has developed the patented and clinically tested Endocalyx Pro™ dietary supplement.


NuLife Sciences

NuLife Sciences is a distribution company whose mission is to harness advanced technologies to redefine health and longevity.



MyBodyRx™ is a manufacturing, sales and product development company that produces dietary supplements that complement and work synergistically with the patented and clinically tested Endocalyx Pro™ product to support and improve healthy aging and increase longevity.