The products offered by BioRegenx subsidiaries align with the BioRegenx belief that we can live better and healthier lives through proactive healthcare and regenerative health solutions. These products include dietary supplements, medical devices, artificial intelligence, DNA health testing, PEMF therapy, and hydrogen water.

Flagship Products
GlycoCheck System
Endocalyx Pro
Intellectual Property

BioRegenx is a company focused on regenerative health solutions and proactive healthcare that enables people to live better lives. As a holding company, BioRegenx will capture market share by acquiring or licensing intellectual property, companies, products, and services on the leading edge of regenerative health and anti-aging.

GlycoCheck Worldwide Patents

  • United States: 8759095B2
  • Canada: CA2706307C
  • Europe: EP2215480B1 (Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and United Kingdom)
  • China: CN101918845A
  • Japan: JP5597543B2

Endocalyx Worldwide Patents

  • U.S. Patent Number: 9943572
  • Canada Patent Pending Number: CA3020277A1
  • European Patent Pending Number: EP3280423A4
  • Japan Patent Number: 6518796
  • South Korea Patent Number: 6518796
  • China Patent Number: CN 107771080 B
  • World Intellectual Property Organization
Studies Using GlycoCheck
GlycoCheck is being used by researchers in hospitals and universities in Africa, Asia, Australia, China, Europe, Japan, Russia, and the United States. More than 100 peer-reviewed published papers have been published using GlycoCheck to study the impacts of the microvascular system on topics such as:
Studies On Endocalyx Pro

Multiple clinical studies on the effectiveness of Endocalyx Pro™ and its ingredients have been either completed or are in progress. In addition, there are many double-blind studies planned by researchers that will launch in the future. It takes years to complete these studies, and even after they are completed it can take months before the peer-reviewed research study is released to the public. Studies on conditions and diseases include:

MyBodyRx Dietary Supplements
Endocalyx Pro
Olive Leaf
SuperAmino 24+
Minerals Advanced
NuLife Sciences Products
SEDONA Pro Complete Set
SEDONA Pro Plus+ Complete Set
Extra SEDONA Pro Pillow
Extra SEDONA Pro Mat
Stimawell EMS Back Mat
Sedona Face
TruEpigenetics DNA+Epigenetics Kit
TruEpigenetics DNA Kit
Echo H2 Pitcher
Echo H2 Ultimate
Echo H2 Server
Echo H2 Machine