BioRegenx, Inc. is redefining health intelligence with new patented technologies and artificial intelligence. We specialize in developing intellectual property (IP) and are engaged in regenerative biotherapeutics, anti-aging, artificial intelligence (AI) for healthcare and bioinformatics for public and private transportation. Our primary focus involves acquiring or developing non-invasive medical and wellness devices capable of efficiently recording, storing, and analyzing extensive datasets.

The current asset portfolio includes:

  • First-to-market, clinically relevant, patented technology for monitoring the endothelial glycocalyx and microvascular system.
  • A proprietary, patented formula that improves and protects the endothelial glycocalyx.
  • Artificial intelligence technology that enables contactless monitoring of vital health in just seconds.

Who We Are

Three patented technologies and solutions include:

  • GlycoCheck™: High-definition video imaging analyzes five parameters of microvascular health non-invasively with an under the tongue test using patented technology. Over 115 studies published.
  • Endocalyx Pro™: An all-natural, plant-based patented nutraceutical shown to restore, regenerate, and protect microvascular health. Clinically tested in multiple double-blind placebo studies.
  • DocSun™: Artificial Intelligence using three advanced facial recognition technologies that analyze 21 vital signs and health indicators without physical contact. Also used in private and public transportation.