BioRegenx Announces COVID-19 and Bacterial Sepsis Study Using Microvascular Health Solutions’ Testing Device GlycoCheck

BioRegenx Announces COVID-19 and Bacterial Sepsis Study Using Microvascular Health Solutions’ Testing Device GlycoCheck

CHATTANOOGA, TN, USA, July 26, 2022 — BioRegenx subsidiary Microvascular Health Solutions (MVHS) announces that a new peer-reviewed study using GlycoCheck, exclusively distributed worldwide by MVHS, has been published. The study, published in Angiogenesis, is titled Microvascular and proteomic signatures overlap in COVID-19 and bacterial sepsis: the MICROCODE study. The study was conducted at the University Hospital Münster in Germany. One of the authors of the study was Hans Vink, PhD, Chief Science Officer of Microvascular Health Solutions.

This multi-center, observational study included 22 hospitalized adult COVID-19 patients, 43 hospitalized bacterial sepsis patients, and 10 healthy controls from 4 hospitals. Microcirculation and glycocalyx dimensions were quantified using the GlycoCheck system. Plasma proteins were measured using targeted proteomics (Olink). Coregulation and cluster analysis of plasma proteins was performed using a training-set and confirmed in a test-set. An independent external cohort of 219 COVID-19 patients was used for validation and outcome analysis.

Microcirculation and plasma proteome analysis found substantial overlap between COVID-19 and bacterial sepsis. Severity, but not disease entity explained most data variation. Unsupervised correlation analysis of 184 cardiovascular and inflammatory proteins with microvascular and glycocalyx parameters of the GlycoCheck system, identified two main coregulated plasma protein signatures in both diseases that strictly counteract each other. They were associated with microvascular dysfunction and several established markers of clinical severity. The signatures were used to derive new composite biomarkers of microvascular injury that allow to predict 28-day mortality or/and intubation (area under the curve 0.90, p < 0.0001) in COVID-19.


Data from the study implies a common biological host response of microvascular injury in both bacterial sepsis and COVID-19. A distinct plasma signature correlates with endothelial health and improved outcomes, while a counteracting response is associated with glycocalyx breakdown and high mortality. Microvascular health biomarkers are powerful predictors of clinical outcomes.

Despite some limitations the data clearly indicate that COVID-19 and bacterial sepsis share common proteomic signatures and features of microvascular damage. Integrating multi-omic data in clinical studies is a promising approach to decipher systemic host responses and microvascular damage, and develop new diagnostic and therapeutic concepts in inflammatory disease.

COVID-19 and Sepsis Double-Blind Placebo Controlled Studies

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