Microvascular Health Solutions Announces Cellular Reconditioning for Kidney Regeneration Using GlycoCheck

Microvascular Health Solutions Announces Cellular Reconditioning for Kidney Regeneration Using GlycoCheck

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE, USA, August 9, 2022 – Microvascular Health Solutions, LLC (MVHS), a BioRegenx subsidiary based in Alpine, Utah, announces that a new peer-reviewed study has been published using GlycoCheck, a medical testing device exclusively distributed by MVHS. The study, Ways and Means of Cellular Reconditioning for Kidney Regeneration also included a study of Endocalyx Pro™, an all-natural nutraceutical from MVHS.

The study was published by the American Journal of Nephrology. The authors of the study, S. Ishiko and M.S. Goligorsky, are from the Department of Medicine at New York Medical College.

As reported in the study titled, “red blood cells in the microcirculation occupy the central portion of vessels leaving a ‘gap’ with the surface of the endothelial cells – the width of this area is proportional to the thickness of the endothelial glycocalyx. GlycoCheck is a novel noninvasive technology to evaluate the dimension of the glycocalyx by measuring the ‘perfused boundary region (PBR),’ which is inversely related to endothelial glycocalyx dimensions. This enables clinicians to analyze in real time endothelial glycocalyx changes in various pathologic conditions, including kidney disease.”

“Snoeijs et al. compared the endothelial glycocalyx dimensions in the cortical peritubular microcirculation of ischemically injured kidneys from donors after cardiac death and living donor kidneys with minimal ischemia during transplant surgery. At 5 minutes after perfusion, the endothelial glycocalyx of donors-after-cardiac-death kidneys was significantly more degraded than that of the living donor kidney, suggesting that renal ischemia and reperfusion are associated with reduced capillary blood flow and loss of glycocalyx integrity.”

Regarding Endocalyx Pro, the authors wrote “A potentially promising therapeutic approach is represented by Endocalyx Pro™, a combination of natural products each endowed with individual properties to accelerate restoration and prevent excessive degradation of glycocalyx. It contains brown seaweed extract called Laminaria japonica, rich in fucoidan sulfate – a hybrid of HS and CS. The fucoidan repairs the glycocalyx and prevents its breakdown by inhibiting heparanase activity. Another component is a high molecular weight hyaluronan. It is supplemented with glucosamine sulfate, providing the building blocks for glycocalyx synthesis. Further components include a proprietary blend of polyphenol and flavonoids with added superoxide dismutase and catalase (both from bitter melon concentrate).” Additional studies are ongoing about Endocalyx Pro and can be reviewed at Microvascular.com.

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BioRegenx, Inc., (BioRegenx.com) a holding company, is the parent company of three wholly owned subsidiaries, Microvascular Health Solutions, LLC, My Body Rx, LLC, and NuLife Sciences, Inc. BioRegenx and its subsidiaries combine the patented intellectual property of the breakthrough GlycoCheck medical testing device, the patented nutraceutical Endocalyx Pro, additional synergistic dietary supplement products sold under the My Body Rx brand, and a customer base of medical professionals and brand partners throughout North America.

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